Genmaicha is a beautiful blend of Japanese green tea, with toasted brown rice. During feudal Japan, commoners found green tea too expensive, so it was blended with the toasted rice for more accessibility. The result is a phenomenal "everyday" tea that pairs wonderfully with food.

It is a perfect tea to become introduced into the wonderful craft and flavors of Japanese green tea. It's nutty, sweet, vegetal, warming and simple to brew.

NaturaliTea provides our genmaicha, and theirs is very special special because they use quality, spring leaves unlike competitors that use later harvest leaves.
Their farm has started a revolution of 'organic' farming, and they plan on keeping that tradition alive.

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Grower: The Kinezuka Family

Harvest: Spring '15

Vendor: Tealet


  • 50 G
  • 75 G
  • 100 G