Elevation - Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan


海拔 - Hǎibá

These leaves were picked from wild growing tea trees in the Sun Moon Lake region of Taiwan. There are many factors that make Elevation a very special tea. Here are a few:

1: Elevation is grown from a large leaf varietal, allowing the plant to grow deeper roots and a taller trunk. A deeper root system mean a greater variety of nutrients and access to deep water sources. Here is the link to a recent study on the correlation between deep root systems and overall plant health. https://news.rutgers.edu/deep-roots-plants-driven-soil-hydrology/20170915

2: Elevation is a wild growing tea, which means it is up to nature whether it will thrive or not. Without pesticides, herbicides, irrigation, and plant propagation a plant will not survive unless it successfully works with its environment. There must be a symbiotic relationship between the local soil, plants, fungi, and animals for the environment to thrive. Wild plants are essential in preserving biodiversity and are grown exactly how nature intended.

For more information on Elevation and Mr. Shu check out: https://www.globalteahut.org/resources/oct16elec.pdf