Cave of Zhen Yan - Wuyishan - China


鎮燕洞 -
Zhèn yàn dòng

This tea will always be a special one for me. It has been in my collection for four years and never does it fail to satisfy me. While sampling my tea for others, this tea is often a favorite. Since first tasting it in 2014 I have learned of a few factors that make this tea really incredible.

The Wuyi Mountains are a highly sought after growing region known for producing sweet and complex teas.

World renowned biodiversity, mineral dense soil, frequent rains, and lofty humidity have made the Wuyi Mountains home to hundreds of different varietals of tea.

Farmers and connoisseurs have concluded that the most distinguished teas from Wuyi come from within the Wuyi National Scenic Area at an elevation ranging 300-700 meters.

The Chen family has been producing high quality oolong completely by hand and without the use of agrochemicals for generations within the Wuyishan National Scenic Area at an elevation of 500 meters.

Wuyi tea that meets these strict qualifications receive the highest classification known as Zhen Yan or, “True Cliff Tea.” The Chen family produces such worthy tea, I am sure theywill be celebrated for generations to come.

This Zhen Yan is a blend of five different varietals that grow on the Chen property; Rougui, Shuixian, Shuijin gu, Meizhan, and Beidou.

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