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Year One Collection

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2016 has been a year of expansion for students of the Leaf.

Tea has kindled many spirits this year.
Some are enjoying for the first time,
many are delving deeper into the lifestyle.

Farmers who have dedicated their lives to producing high quality tea, now have access to a global market.

For students of the Leaf this means reliable access to the worlds most elusive and celebrated teas.

With this pack, we are celebrating tea farmers who take the risk of losing a harvest in order to provide quality tea that has not been grown with pesticides.
This is an excellent collection for those beginning the journey of the Leaf, for we have a green, red, and oolong tea to offer. Enjoy, compare and contrast, and explore these teas!

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
Grower: The Kinezuka Family
Harvest: Spring '15

Amber Red
Origin: Ilam, Nepal
Grower: Hariyali Cooperative
Harvest: Summer '15 - 2nd Flush

Da Hong Pao
Origin: Fujian, China
Grower: The Chen Family
Harvest: Spring '14